Confirmed conference participants:

Speakers from Russian Federation

  1. Boltayevskiy A.A. Candidate of Historical Science (Moscow, Assistant Professor at Moscow State University of Food Production)
  2. Boyko V.A. (Yekaterinburg, Reseacher, Member of Ural Ethnographic Society, lieutenant colonel, retired)
  3. Bocharova, Z.S., Doctor of Historical Science (Moscow, Lomonosov Moscow State University,  Institute of Retraining and Advanced Training of Teachers of Humanitarian and Social Sciences, professor)
  4. Vvedenskaya N.D., Doctor of Science in Physics and Mathematics (Moscow, Kharkevich Institute of Transmission of Information Problems of Russian Academy of Science,  Leading Scientist of Dobrushin Mathematic Lab), daughter of military medical officer in Russian Expeditionary Corp, member of Russian Legion
  5. Dalgat E.M., Doctor of Historical Science (Makhachkala, Head of Center of Dagestan History of the Institute of History, Archeology and Ethnography of the Dagestan Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Science, Honored Scientist of Russian Federation and Republic of Dagestan, professor), descendant of of medical officer of Russian Expeditionary Corp. Provides items for exhibition
  6. Dobychina M.A., Candidate of Historic Science (Kaluga, Head of Archives), grand daughter of a Russian Expeditionary Corp solder. Provides items for the exhibition
  7. Kirilin A.V., Candidate of Historical Science (Moscow, member of Central Council of the Russian Military History Society, member of the Commission on Military Historical Issues under the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences, major general)
  8. Lushin A.H., Candidate of Law (Nizhniy Novgorod Academy of Ministry of Internal Affairs, assistant professor, Honorary employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, member of the Union of Journalists, colonel), descendant of warriors of the Russian Expeditionary Corp. Provides items for the exhibition
  9. Mozokhina N.A., Candidate of Arts (St. Petersburg, State Russian Museum, department head, senior researcher)
  10. Naumova E.E. (Moscow, researcher). Provides items for the exhibition
  11. Pavlov A.Y., Doctor of Historical Science (St. Petersburg , St. Petersburg State University,  Associate professor, department of international affairs).
  12. Petrunina O.E., Doctor of Historical Science (Moscow, Lomonosov State University, professor of the Department of New and Recent History)
  13. Popov A.A., Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary 1st Class (Moscow), former Consul General  of the Russian Federation in Thessaloniki, Greece
  14. Rudaya E.N., Candidate of Historical Science (Moscow, The Foundation for Studies of Historical Perspectives, Head of scientific, educational and cultural programmes; the Research Centre of “Voinskiy Sobor" Foundation, Director)
  15. Semenov A.E. (Moscow, Russian Military History Society, Chief Specialist of the Search and Reconstruction Department)
  16. Chinyakov M.K., Candidate of Historical Science (Moscow, Associate Professor of Moscow City Teachers’ Training University)
  17. Chistyakov O.V., Candidate of Historical Science (Moscow, Russian State Military History Archives, Head of the Department of Scientific Reference Facilities)
  18. Shevtsova G.I., Candidate of Historical Science (Moscow, Researcher in the Institue of the World History of the Russian Academy of Science)
  19. Shkarovskiy M.V., Doctor of Historical Science (St. Petersburg, Leading Researcher and Chief Archivist of the Central State Archives, Professor at the St. Petersburg Theological Academy, Member of the Scientific Council of the Institute for Comparative Church-State Studies in Berlin)

Speakers from abroad

  1. Remi A., PHD History (France, Grenoble), professor.
  2. Baidin V.V., PHD Physics, researcher in cultural studies (France).
  3. Guelton F. PHD History (France), colonel, Member of the Scientific Committee for the Centenary Partnership Program – France.
  4. Ignatenko-Desanlis O.V., PHD of Arts (France, works in Institute of Slavic Studies in Paris and École du Louvre). Descendant of two Russian Expeditionary Corp officers. Provides items for exhibition.
  5. Dyboff S. (France, Boulogne), researcher, public figure.
  6. Zhalnina-Vasilkioti I.L. (Greece, Center of Greeko-Russian Historic Studies).
  7. Cockfield J. (USA), professor.
  8. Nikoltsios N. (Greece, museologist, curator at Hellenic Pharmaceutical Museum of Thessaloniki)
  9. Semyonov-Tyanshanskiy K.P. (France), researcher.
  10. Fombaron J.-Cl. (France, Nancy) University of Nancy professor, collector. Provides items for the exhibition.