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The Commemoration Society of Russian Expeditionary Force (1916-1918)  was established in Moscow in 2018 by the descendants of the REF members and researchers of its history for memorial and educational purposes.

 The Society mission is to provide wide and reliable information about this bright moment in military history of Russia and Europe, to revive the best traditions of military service to the Fatherland, to help bring together descendants of the REF members. The President of the Society is Candidate of Philology N.R. Malinovskaya, daughter of the former soldier of the Russian expeditionary corps, Marshal of the Soviet Union R.Y.Malinovsky. The Scientific secretary of the Society is M.K. Chinyakov,  Candidate of Historical Science, Associate Professor of Moscow City Teachers’ Training University.

The Central Museum of Armed Forces of Russian Federation is one of the largest military museums in the world. It will celebrate its centenary on the 23th of February 2019. The Museum is more than 5000 square meters and has 24 exhibition halls. It has several branches all over Russia. Its collection is quite unique. There are more than 800 thousand pieces of the military and historical artifacts in its collection which continues to grow. In 1990s a large contribution of valuable historic items was donated to the part of the permanent exhibition on Russian Imperial Army from Russian Emigration organizations abroad. Just from US-Russian Society Rodina (USA) the Museum received over 40 000 items. 
A significant part of the exhibition is devoted to the Great Patriotic War. Invaluable relic and the symbol of the victory over fascism – the Victory Banner hoisted over the Reichstag in May 1945 is kept here. On the open observation deck, you can see more than 150 samples of military equipment: from artillery systems from the times of the Civil War to modern ballistic missiles.